A bride’s mangalsutra symbolizes the loving bond with her husband. If you are getting married, we will tell you how to find the best mangalsutra for your wedding from a jewellery shop in Kolkata

Tips to find the best mangalsutra for your wedding

Check your budget

A well-made mangalsutra is something that can be passed down for generations. Hence, it is advisable to keep this in mind when you set a budget for your wedding mangalsutra. Moreover, the cost of this jewellery will vary based on the quality of gold and diamonds present within it.

Choose a versatile design

You have to wear your mangalsutra with both your ethnic and western outfits. To make sure that your mangalsutra complements your look, choose one with a versatile design. This way, it will blend with both formal wear and casual wear.

Additionally, some brides are not a fan of black beads. If you too want a piece like that, you can select a mangalsutra with a few of these beads in the front or the back. According to the jewellers from a renowned jewellery store in Kolkata, opting for a mangalsutra with a diamond pendant or two will look perfect on all occasions. 

Decide on the chain length

The chain length you choose for your mangalsutra will depend on your preference. For instance, you might prefer to wear this jewellery high up near your collarbone, or you can choose to wear it in the form of a long chain.

Pick the pendant style

You can either select a mangalsutra pendant made up of solid gold, or you can go for one with uncut diamonds. We recommend you choose a pendant that goes with your style and personality, wearing which you feel confident. Sometimes, women also prefer a mangalsutra design with no pendant. If you choose such a mangalsutra, you can slide different pendants on it as per your preference. 

Follow the aforementioned tips to choose the best mangalsutra for your wedding from a jewellery shop.